Aftercare and Alumni

Aftercare and Alumni Services for Lifelong Recovery

Comprehensive Aftercare Program

Aftercare is the support and services that are given to people after they have finished a residential treatment. It is an important part of the recovery process because it helps people keep the progress they made in treatment and keep moving toward long-term recovery. At Maple Moon, we understand the importance of aftercare and offer a variety of services to support our clients as they transition back into their daily lives.

Benefits of having the Premiere Aftercare and Alumni Service

There are many benefits to choosing Maple Moon for aftercare and alumni services. Some of these benefits include:


By creating a safe, comfortable and healing environment staffed by highly skilled and compassionate therapists, Maple Moon is the place where personal transformation occurs.

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Lifelong Community of Support

If you or someone you care about has finished a treatment program at Maple Moon and needs help afterward. We are here to support your every step of the way on your journey toward recovery. Contact us today to learn more about our aftercare and alumni services and how we can help you or a loved one maintain progress and continue on the path towards healing.

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In a peaceful environment you will receive evidenced based modalities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aftercare and alumni refers to the support and services that are provided to individuals after they have completed a residential  treatment. It is an important part of the recovery process because it helps people keep the progress they made in treatment and keep moving toward long-term recovery.

During aftercare, people may be able to get different kinds of help and services, such as individual therapy, group therapy, alumni support groups, and fun activities. Depending on the facility and the needs of the person, the services may be different.

Aftercare can last for different amounts of time, depending on the person’s needs and goals. Some people might need more intensive support for a longer time, while others might only need help for a few weeks or months. It is important to talk to a mental health professional about how long aftercare should last. At Maple Moon we build a Lifelong Community


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Personalized Care

Our licensed and certified therapists offer a unique, individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs. We believe in providing each client with the best possible care, so our therapists provide ongoing support after therapy sessions.

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Peaceful Environment

Maple Moon is a peaceful and relaxing setting that allows you to feel safe and open to discuss your concerns. Our experienced therapists will guide you as you work through your issues.


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Effective Treatment

At Maple Moon, effective treatment is based on a personalized approach that considers your unique history and needs. We will work with you to develop an individual therapy plan to help you overcome your problems.



You can reach us by phone at 844-501-1575 Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you on your journey towards recovery.