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Addiction Treatment Services Los Angeles

Aftercare and Alumni

Aftercare and Alumni

Comprehensive Aftercare Program Aftercare is the support and services that are given to people after they have finished a residential treatment. It is an important part of the recovery process because it helps people keep the progress they made in…...
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Residential Inpatient Treatment Los Angeles

Residential Inpatient Treatment Los Angeles

Transform Your Life with Our Residential Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles We believe that true healing and recovery can only be achieved through comprehensive, holistic rehab. Our Residential drug and alcohol treatment program in Los Angeles is designed to provide you…...
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Professional therapist listening to the patient and writing intensive outpatient notes

Medication Assisted Therapy

Medical Detox In the heart of Los Angeles, Maple Moon Recovery stands as a beacon of hope for those battling the chains of addiction. Our mission is not just to treat, but to transform lives, offering a holistic approach to…...
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Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles

Social drinking is a common way for people to relax and have fun. It is a common way for a person to celebrate special occasions, socialize, or as a way to numb self-stress and trauma. This is where the problem…...
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Substance Abuse Treatment Los Angeles

Nowadays, drugs are ubiquitous in society. Even people who don’t use drugs may have come into contact with them. Drug abuse is the misuse of drugs, even if it’s just for recreation. Drug addiction is a disorder that can develop…...
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Drug Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles

Individuals who want to locate the best addiction treatment programs in Winnetka, CA, will discover a variety of choices when they do so. Rehabs provide unique treatments that address the person as a whole for their addiction, from various treatment…...
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Professional therapist listening to the patient and writing intensive outpatient notes

Medical Detox in Los Angeles

Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Many people are struggling with substance abuse which results in detoxification. Detoxification is the process of cleansing and rebuilding your body after you have been exposed to drugs or alcohol. Detoxification can be difficult, but…...
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How we help

Intentionally set in a secluded suburban neighborhood, Maple Moon Recovery offers the perfect relaxing atmosphere where you can heal your mind and body. A peaceful treatment center is not only about a personalized chef, a soft and safe place to sleep at night, and amazing accommodations, it’s about the treatment. Maple Moon Recovery created the best team possible which includes industry leaders and highly educated and experienced staff in the field of addiction and mental health. Being that our location is in Los Angeles, California we have one of the biggest recovery communities in the world, there are over 3,000 weekly twelve step meetings all over the city. Combined with our expert approach, Maple Moon Recovery is able to offer a recovery process that leads to long-term sobriety.

Alternative Care

In addition to counseling and therapy, we utilize alternative care like yoga, fitness, massage, meditation and music therapy.


Our chef will prepare delicious meals with the right vitamins and nutrients to ensure healthy habits.


Peaceful, tranquil and relaxing environment for a wonderful recovery experience.

Real Results

Long lasting results due to the knowledge and experience of our caring treatment staff.

Treatment options

Various modalities will ensure that you have diverse options in your recovery.

Quality Treatment

In a peaceful environment you will receive evidenced based modalities.

Experienced Staff

Surrounded by qualified caring staff 24/7 who will assist in any of your needs.

Comfortable rooms

Comfortable accommodations and private room availability where you can rest and relax.

We accept most insurance plans

The Maple Moon Recovery admissions team works around the clock to ensure that we can help as many people as possible that are struggling with substance abuse. Verify your benefits now and someone will be in touch.

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