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Canyon Davis

Canyon Davis

Canyon Davis - Director of Operations

Canyon Davis, as the Director of Operations at Maple Moon Recovery, leads a robust and cohesive team with a profound commitment to aiding individuals on their journey to recovery from substance abuse. Inspired by his own personal experiences, Canyon brings a deep-seated passion for helping others to his role.

With over four years of dedicated service in the field, Canyon has emerged as a respected leader within the Los Angeles community. He takes immense pride in overseeing the care of patients and ensuring the quality of the homes provided by Maple Moon Recovery.

At the helm of a team unparalleled in the industry, Canyon has fostered an environment where compassion and expertise intersect seamlessly. Together, they share a unified mission to provide unparalleled support and guidance to those in need.

Canyon’s dedication to Maple Moon Recovery is evident in his unwavering commitment to excellence. He takes great pride in his work, ensuring that every aspect of the company reflects his vision of compassionate and effective treatment. Through his leadership, Maple Moon Recovery continues to set the standard for excellence in substance abuse treatment in the Los Angeles area.